While architecture is considered as fairly static, not easily moved or disturbed, landscape is always ‘in becoming’. Any attempt to adequately represent a piece of landscape in a physical model turns out to be always already reductionist, foregrounding selected features, while leaving all of its complexity aside.

Instead of trying to directly represent the landscape’s lively nature, the experiment intentionally pins nature down and uses ‘real but copied’ objects from nature to create a natural/artificial landscape that signals to its liveliness while simultaneously drawing attention to the gap between landscape and its representation.

Landscape’s vital character is expressed in the very mode of modelling and not in the final result - ‘the making of’ tries to shift attention from image to behaviour, from model to modelling, from representation towards performativity.

Land is a poured thing and time a surface film lapping

and fringing at fastness, at a hundred hollow and

receding blues.

Breathe fast: we’re backing off the rim.

- Annie Dillard

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